E Payment Gateway

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E Payment Gateway

Better Ways Of Making Payment; Using An E-Payment Gateway

With the increase in theft and burglary related cases, people no longer feel safe keeping large sums of money with them either at home or business places. Most people now prefer to use credit cards and debit cards when shopping or paying bills. If you have an online shop, you may want to consider implementing an online payment solution which will ultimately increase your business prospects. e-payment gateway ensures safe and streamlined transaction and helps you to provide better customer service.

Here are some of the advantages of an e-payment gateway

1) Instant Payment: e payment gateways make payment quick and easy. The system sends an instant notification of transaction to the customer after a purchase has been made, assuring the individual of the validity of the purchased items.

2) Secure Transactions: One of the major benefits of payment gateways is that they are safe and reliable. Online payment gateways that comply with PCI DSS standards ensure that sensitive data such as customer credit card number are securely passed from the customer to the merchant and eventually to the payment processor using encryption. This protects both the merchant and consumers from fraud.

3) Added Convenience: For you to have a payment gateway, your online store must be open 24/7. This means that customers do not have to wait in long queues to purchase your products and services, rather they can shop at any time of the day from the comfort of their homes.

4) Expanded Customer Base: With the e payment gateway, you can reach a wider audience, expanding your customer base. Regardless of their location, shoppers can have access to your store at any given time.

5) Easy Setup: An online payment system is quite easy to set up, and you can start selling minutes after implementing it. Additionally, many service providers offer low-cost plans with zero setup fee and affordable transaction rates.

6) Credit Card Payments: Since the use of credit cards and debit cards are common these days, customers can make payments even when they do not have enough money in their accounts. If you sell expensive items, you can choose to break down the payment into several instalments, and your customers can pay you in instalments using their credit cards. Moreover, e payment gateway makes transactions made by credit card easier and more efficient because of its batch upload features.

7) Influences Buyers: The availability of an online payment system may likely influence the purchasing decisions of customers. Nobody likes to wait for hours just to purchase a few items. So when transactions are quick and hassle free, buyers will readily grab the deal. Ann online payment method motivates customers to purchase more items and make repeated purchases.

8) Merchant Reliability: Implementing online payment gateway to your website, improves your reputation. Customers will consider you more reliable and credible and will also be encouraged to do business with you. Plus, the debit cards or credit cards offers buyers fraud protection. This means that in a situation where they do not receive the items they purchase online through a website, their money will remain secure.


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