Rev Nitro Mod

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Rev Nitro Mod

A Full Look at the REV Nitro Mod

A lot of talks have been going around about the REV Nitro Mod. It is one of our best-selling vape mods here at X20 Vapes.

It has a lot of advanced features that make it superior to the regular vape mods that are available on the market. Long-time vapers have traded their older mods for the REV Nitro Mod because of all the advantages that you can get out of it. Here are the reasons why this vape mod is one of the best ones out there.

The Power

This vape mod offers strong power wattage as it comes out at a reasonable 200 watts. This is why people who have been vaping for a long time prefer this item since they enjoy the essence more than the traditional ones.

It also gives the vape user a vast amount of control. You can change the temperature of the mod any way you want. With this, you get the specific heat or cold temperature that you want from your smoke. 

The 200-watt strength of the vape mod gets you a smooth flow of water vapor. This allows the vaper to enjoy the smoke to the fullest until they feel mildly high.

The REV Nitro Mod also has a fantastic power life. Many users have testified that it can last for around six hours if you use it consistently. However, many people agree that this vape mod can continue the whole day if it is used at a reasonable rate.

The battery life has also surprised many users. This is because the vape mod may seem more substantial, but its battery lasts longer than expected without skimping on the quality of smoke. 

The Design

The sleek design of a vape mode suits the tastes of many. It comes in a variety of different colors, and it is designed to look great for both men and women, giving them a fresh and chic persona while they strut with it.

The vape mod is a good 86 mm or 3.3 inches long. This makes it the perfect size for almost any vaper whether they are new to it or not. It also weighs 0.75 lb, which makes it a good weight because it is neither too light nor too heavy.

The firing button is placed on the top of the vape mod, which makes it very comfortable to use. The two buttons to adjust your wattage are placed on the front panel of the vape mod. 

What makes this mod unique compared to most vapes is that it has another button. If you press the additional button while you are vaping, you will get better performance because of the nitro parts of the vape, hence the name of this vape mod.

The REV Nitro Mod has proven itself to be an excellent, stable vape mod. Its performance, sleek and classy design and the right control that it gives it to the vaper make it one of the best vapes available.