Credit Card Processing

Merchant Account Services and Solutions

From inception, acquisition, and servicing of your CPS merchant account, we will ensure your experience with us is superior. CPS understands it is vital to have seamless efficiency in your day-to-day operations. You will never wait on hold to speak to your merchant provider, and we make sure every transaction is processed timely. We work hard to make sure you don’t have to! CPS has an automated billing system to our guarantee that the highest PCI compliancy standards are upheld at all times are in place to help you keep your mind on more important matters, your business.

Centurion Payment Merchant Account Holder Services

Centurion account holders have access to a wide-array of merchant account holder services. They are all free and require no obligation from you.

Your instant quote request is reviewed and returned to you by dedicated account professionals, completely commitment-free within 24 hours. Your current merchant account provider’s invoices are meticulously reviewed by an on-staff CPA to ensure you get the best possible savings. We spare no expense getting you the best and most honest service around!

Once your merchant account has been established, we waste no time getting you set up to start expanding your customer base! That’s why we offer free credit card terminal installation. If anything ever goes wrong with your hardware, our free on-site maintenance and repair will get you right back on your feet in no time. If you ever need to contact us, our staff members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for direct, personal attention to your queries. Customer service number – 561-221-2273.

Virtual Gateway

We work to make your merchant account with Centurion as convenient for you as possible. Our Virtual Gateway helps us bring you fast and accessible service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the end of your business day, our automated recurring billing system will help you manage the transactions that were made. For those of you who prefer to manually enter credit card transactions for mail or telephone order, our secure Virtual Terminal has you covered.

PCI Compliancy

Your security and your customers’ security are of the most important thing to us. Centurion is the leader in PCI Compliancy education and training. PCI rules and regulations were created to help secure the credit card industry from identity theft, credit card fraud and provide heightened security measures. CPS is dedicated to the ongoing education and new security measures of PCI.

Applying for a Centurion Merchant Account

Centurion strives to make your credit card processing experience as possible, which begins before you become a client. Send us a Quote Request and let one of our merchant account executives show you the value of a Centurion merchant account.

If you are looking for best small business credit card processing service, then you are at right place. Get your free quote today!