Chip Card Processing and the ICT220

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Chip Card Processing and the ICT220
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iCT220 Sleek The iCT220 has been designed with clerk-customer interaction in mind.




• Lightweight and ergonomically engineered to be comfortably passed and held for simple and secure data entry

• Unique Magic Box cable management feature reduces counter clutter and makes installation a breeze

• Bright display, backlit keypad and menu-driven prompts make it easy and intuitive for clerks and customers alike > Display your logo to add a level of customization and build your brand Secure The iCT220 supports the latest PCI and data security standards to protect cardholder data. • EMV chip card transactions significantly reduce card-present counterfeit card use, improve global interoperability, and ensure that merchants are ready for the shift in fraud liability as defined by the card brands

• Strong security features protect against physical device attacks

• Support for all leading point-to-point encryption technologies secures data at the earliest point in the transaction lifecycle

• Code authentication ensures that only authorized software applications and files can be loaded Versatile The iCT220 is the most flexible stand-alone payment solution available today.

• Ready now for EMV, mobile wallets, loyalty programs, coupons and advertising

• Optional integrated contactless reader facilitates tap-and-go payments

• Ability to connect a customer-facing iPP310 PIN pad that features an intuitive display, mag-stripe reader, EMV card-entry slot, and integrated contactless reader

• Dial and high-speed IP communication methods supported > Merchants can easily switch should their connectivity needs change Reliable The iCT220 is built and backed by Ingenico, the world’s leading provider of payment solutions. As customer interaction at the point of payment evolves, you can be confident that you have a robust platform that will continue to support industry trends. • Scalable and proven Telium 2 technology platform installed in more than 20 million terminals worldwide

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