Credit Card Merchant Processing

Credit Card Merchant Processing


Credit Card Merchant Processing is a very difficult and complicated industry to understand when you are a merchant. Most companies are not very honest, and those that do not have honest sales reps to relay messages of transparency. Most incentives by Credit Card Merchant Processing companies are done off commission.  The commission is determined by a percentage of the residual difference in the cost of the processing the merchant does to the rates set up by the Credit Card Merchant Processing company. How are rates set and what makes them? This is 100% up to the merchant services rep who sets your merchant account up for credit card processing.  This must be done by someone who doesn’t just enter the market in an overnight frenzy, and is a truly established business and has truly established representatives.


Credit Card Merchant Processing: a guide to processing correctly

Many credit card processing companies today do not inform there representatives on how to sell to benefit the customer/merchant; they sell to benefit themselves and the company (merchant processing company). This leads to a  huge conflict of interest for the sales rep and typically lies, and promises that cannot be kept are told to merchants to attract them to switch and sign up for processing credit cards. This is extremely dangerous, as merchant processing companies lock those into agreements with early termination fees and leases that cost thousands. If you do not know what you are doing in merchant processing, you will sure end up with a bad deal, and something you cannot get out of.


Credit Card Merchant Processing services

By having these issues, we’re aware and understand that merchant processing is a delicate topic. We are here because we have a dream that one day, all merchants will be able to understand what they are paying for there credit card processing, and thus will give them a better deal, and change the industry forever. How can we do this? We can’t do it alone, we need word-of-mouth help, and others to engage into the systematic process of selling credit cards. Since most customers have been mistreated in our industry, we have to defend our representation of our beliefs as best as we can to give the customer the best merchant processing for Credit Card Merchant Processing available and also educate the customer.  In the end, we do not want the best for us, but a mutually beneficial relationship that a customer can find true value in when processing their credit cards for their business.

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