EMV Chip Cards : The smart way to process credit cards, safely.

Traveling or running your business from remote areas: safer with credit card processing, EMV Chip Cards

You are travelling in a remote place, with numerous dangers around you, whether you are backpacking through the jungle, or climbing a mountain, the last thing you want to do is carry cash. The insecurity of cash is obvious, you can lose it, it can be stolen, or even destroyed. It’s a huge risk when you are somewhere where there are very few options or ATMs to subsidise any problems you might face. The best solution is to use a credit card. It is the by far the safest option for both the extreme and ordinary traveller.  EMV Chip Cards are the safest way, and are used all over.

Why choose a credit card? Specifically EMV Chip Cards

A credit card is always insured, so if it is lost or stolen your money is always protected. What’s more, the fees to withdraw cash, should you need it, are much less than a debit card. And even better, to make purchases abroad with a credit card is even cheaper. Moreover, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you always have a protected source of money. EMV Chip Cards are the safest way, and are used all over. It’s the best way to use credit cards to date.

How our payment services can help you to travel, specifically EMV Chip Cards

Centurion Payment Services supply credit card processing systems to clients all around the world. You can be safe in the knowledge that where there are Centurion credit card services your payment is 100% secure. Centurion offers so many unique ways of processing your credit card that it’s almost impossible not to use it, including mobile processing, emv card processing solutions, apple-pay processing solutions, web-based processing solutions, and the traditional but never underestimated brick-and-mortar retail solutions. EMV Chip Cards are the safest way to use credit cards in this crazy world.

Travel businesses listen up…

If you are a travel company or small business based in unique and remote luxury locations around the world, Centurion can help you to become a modern business. It might be a deserted island in Indonesia or a mountain-top resort in the USA, the process is the same. Centurion can offer credit card processing solutions to ensure that your travelling customers can use their credit cards even in the most untouched locations.

With tourism increasing around the world, and people seeking to travel off the beaten track, unique locations are becoming hotspots for travellers. It might be a honeymoon destination on an island in the middle of nowhere, it doesn’t matter. Centurion Payment Services can provide merchant processing services to suit your travel business needs, and ensure your customers can visit far-flung destinations safe in the knowledge that they can use their credit cards wherever they are, and won’t need to take the risk of carrying cash.

No more travel money

Travel money can be expensive, changing up your cash last minute at the airport, having to carry large sums to and from the store to change up the money in your local money shop can be dangerous. You can avoid all of this by travelling safely with just your credit card. Centurion has also made it easier to use most major credit cards in most locations, if you decide to choose Centurion’s merchant services your credit card processing needs can be catered for in a bespoke proposal that will suit your business needs. Based on your business knowledge we can help to assess your needs, and the service that will suit you the best.

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