Centurion Payment Services allows CBD credit card processing.

Centurion Payment Services allows CBD credit card processing.

Today, the CBD industry is facing significant challenges with finding payment solutions that offer a convenient, transparent, and trustworthy service to CBD merchants. CBD vendors today face these problems on a daily basis due to the fact that the CBD industry seems to be seen not only as a high-risk business but is being projected in a bad light. Credit card processing for CBD merchants is now a scarce commodity, and one would expect that with the seemingly positive and favorable medical benefits that CBD offers to the general public, finding processors for CBD credit card transactions should not be such a challenge. The question is, how did we get here?

CBD Processing – The Journey So Far

CBD oil is basically gotten from the cannabis plant. Today, research points to the benefits that CBD provides for users with a potential for it to help in the alleviation of conditions like inflammation, anxiety, depression, seizures and more. CBD is taken from cannabis strains that are low in THC, however, despite its obvious difference from marijuana, cannabis is listed on Schedule I in the US, thereby making it illegal in line with federal regulations. Classifying CBD among the schedule I drugs has led to challenges for CBD vendors whose business is being viewed in the same light as businesses that market cocaine, as well as heroin.

But with the possibility that CBD offers great medical value, some US states have begun to approve the manufacture and the sale of CBD products. With this development, CBD merchants are in need of merchant accounts to process credit card payments from customers. Unfortunately, today, the number of solution providers that can offer CBD vendors with good credit card processing services is still on the low side. In terms of recommendations, you’d find it hard to locate a solution provider that offers low prices, transparent services, and top-notch customer support.

In fact, what most CBD merchants today are accustomed to is getting transaction rates that are very high owing to the fact that the CBD industry has been projected as a high-risk industry. CBD vendors today, also, face the challenge of rolling services, as well as funds holds from time to time. In recent times, the landscape of CBD processing is constantly evolving, and a lot of banks have taken drastic measures by terminating their business dealings with CBD merchants on very short notice.


Of course, CBD sellers appreciate the security and comfort that they get from being able to accept credit cards. For CBD vendors who need a fast and seamless way to set up a merchant account for their CBD business, there are very few trusted solution providers that are willing to help them out and Centurion Payment Services is one of them. With the reputation of CBD beginning to improve across the US, Centurion Payment Services is offering unmatched payment services for CBD vendors.

Although many banks, as well as, payment processors have distanced themselves from entering into partnership with CBD merchants because of its association with the blacklisted marijuana, many vendors of CBD, especially, the new companies always struggle to locate service providers that are willing to do provide them with the credit card processing service that they need to grow their business.

Are you a start-up that is looking for a way to cater to the payment processing needs of your CBD business, especially, for customers who want to make credit card payments? Or are you a big name in the CBD industry searching for a trusted provider that can offer you the lowest competitive rates for top-notch services? Centurion Payment Services can help you. Simply get in touch, and we will ensure that we link your business up with the industry’s best.

How We Will Help You

No matter what your payment processing problems are with credit/debit cards, let Centurion Payment Services provide you with the solution. We provide merchant accounts for CBD vendors. Centurion Payment Services has a proven record of helping numerous high-risk businesses to obtain merchant accounts. Even if your business has a processing risk that is high, there is no reason that you should be deprived of getting legit merchant services just like other merchants so that you can do business with online customers easily without any hassles. We provide accounts seamlessly for

  • Start-ups
  • Leaders
  • CBD-related businesses

As you very well know, applying to get a merchant account set up for your business (which is considered as high-risk”) is not only frustrating but is very much time-consuming. With us, that is not a problem anymore as we take pride in setting merchant accounts for CBD vendors up very quickly so that they can direct their energies on expanding their business. When you partner with us, we will link you up with our processor, the best payment processor in the CBD industry. Our processor will use their decades’ worth of experience and their in-depth knowledge of the industry to take you through the process seamlessly.

When it comes to e-commerce, Our processor is a household name that assists all kinds of businesses to be able to take payments in all forms. If you need something simple or something more sophisticated, Our processor in partnership with Centurion Payment Services can take care of it. Our processor has been around for over two decades with a customer base of over 1 million clients all over the planet. Here’s why Centurion Payment Services works with our processor –

  • Ranks in the first five payment providers on the globe
  • Yearly transaction processing exceeds 3 billion
  • Custom payment tools
  • Backed by a domestic bank.
  • Very efficient customer support with highly trained personnel.


Have you heard from a lot of persons that the business that you engage in has a risk that is so high that they can’t do business with you? Well, we assure you that we are very different and that is the reason that we are leaders in the industry. We strongly believe that CBD vendors have the right to own merchant accounts and carry out credit card processing for their CBD business just like low-risk businesses. Also, as you go about finding a perfect merchant account solution and a superb payment processor, it is important to verify that the solution you obtain easily blends in with your everyday business operations. Centurion’s partners possess the needed systems and tech to make all your dreams come through.

At Centurion Payment Services, we offer high-risk credit/debit card processing solutions for all kinds of CBD companies. Our credit service solution will help your business to significantly improve its online selling pedigree by making use of our secure credit card processors. Our credit card processing solution covers major cards such as Visa, American Express, as well as MasterCard and more. Centurion Payment Services prides itself in helping CBD vendors set up their own merchant accounts to give clients a seamless way to purchase CBD products and make payments using their debit cards or their credit cards. Although the CBD industry is regarded as a high-risk business, Centurion Payment Services treats every CBD merchant as if they were low risk.

Our processing options are unmatched by other processors who simply are not able to level up with our sophisticated partnership with a domestic bank. We can get accounts set up with a  domestic bank within 3 days. With Centurion, accepting all kinds of credit cards online no longer has to be a problem. Here’s what to expect when you partner with us –

  • A smooth and hassle-free process for every CBD client
  • Immediate payment process for new CBD businesses with no history
  • Super-efficient online sales
  • No reserves, no hidden fees, and very low rates
  • Dedicated support
  • Credit & debit card processing with full features
  • Fully compliant merchant account
  • Get your account funded in record time
  • Integrated processing solution that is US centered
  • Customized solutions designed to suit your business needs
  • Get an approved merchant account within 3 days
  • Suppliers of all volumes of CBD are catered for

Our Seamless CBD credit card payment processor is seamless

The domestic bank that we partner with offers full support to businesses that sell CBD products and gives you the freedom to be able to carry out sales. Centurion Payment Services processes credit cards for CBD merchants. We offer: No Reserve, easy and transparent pricing, no setup fees, and you can get funding in 24 hours. Get set up with a real merchant account for CBD processing, so you don’t have to deal with reserves, hold times on money, and astronomical start-up costs and rates.

Why Our Merchant Service Solutions For CBD Vendors Are Unique

There are a lot of processors out there that make so many promises and making the best choice from a variety of CBD merchants can be challenging. However, with Centurion Payment Services, you have the assurance that you are working with an experienced solution provider with a transparent process and low fees, as well as, a dedicated support team of professionals. Our services remain unmatched in the industry as we have been providing premium credit card payment processing for CBD businesses for years. The best part of the deal is that we partner with a domestic bank and our processor who does not label CBD businesses as high-risk just like other institutions have the habit of doing. Our commitment to giving our CBD merchants top-notch merchant services remains unwavering as we treat your venture just like every other low-risk investment. With Centurion Payment Services there are no shady gateways, no restrictions, and no credit card transaction declines.

Your merchant account will come with full features which you will likely never get from other processors. Get funded within 24 hours, an integrated processing solution, and very low rates that other competitors cannot match. Yes, we know that CBD products have been blacklisted by the government, as well as, financial institutions that refuse to endorse them even if they are not illegal due to the links that seem to exist between cannabinoids and marijuana.

Centurion Payment Services, however, is proud to say that we are a unique low-cost, trusted credit card processing partner of the CBD industry. In the past few years, we have consciously worked to build the kind of solid relationship with domestic banks that will ensure that your business gets the full support that it deserves. With our unique services, your CBD business can get a credit card processing platform that is not only open but also reliable 247.

Contact Us Today

At Centurion Payment Services, we are fully aware of the challenges that every CBD vendor out there faces and are dedicated to providing a credit card processing solution and a merchant account for all CBD vendors. We will not label your business as high risk and rest assured that your CBD products will get the best credit card processing solution that they truly deserve.

Centurion Payment Services is structured to officially process credit card payments for the CBD industry. We fully give our backing to CBD merchants which is why we are the standout choice for everyone who wishes to have a legal and compliant merchant account, as well as, a processing solution for credit card payments that is legitimate.

Are you a start-up that is looking for a way to cater to the payment processing needs of your CBD business, especially, for customers who want to make credit card payments? Or are you a big name in the CBD industry searching for a trusted provider that can offer you the lowest competitive rates for top-notch services? Centurion Payment Services can help you. With our new domestic  bank solution our processor, we can process cards with no stress for all CBD merchants at affordable rates. Simply get in touch, and we will ensure that we give you the best.

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