Are you a seller of CBD products such as oils, tinctures, more? Then you probably already know that there is a difference between being a CBD vendor and a marijuana vendor. Despite this clear difference, CBD retailers still experience a lot of difficulties when it comes to credit card processing. CBD products have been associated with making health claims that are unsubstantiated, and products like these usually have problems with credit card processing.


How exactly does CBD differ from marijuana? Well, CBD, also referred to as Cannabidiol does not get you high when ingested and this makes it more of a medically relevant supplement than a fun drug. Despite this obvious difference, many firms still see both products as one and do refuse to have a change of mind about the way they handle CBD-related credit card processing. You, therefore, are left to keep searching until you come across a payment solution that gives CBD sales its full backing. Before we delve into the available solution for you, let us enlighten you a bit about the roadblocks and restrictions that credit card processing for CBD faces today.


The Legal Issues With Cannabidiol

In the US, drug policies are set up by a statute known as the Controlled Substances Act. The CSA regulates certain substances with respect to how they are produced and distributed. Then again, the FDA and DEA supervise the CSA schedules and monitor what substances get added or taken off the schedules. There are 5 schedules which serve for various substances, and they range from high restrictiveness (schedule 1) to low restrictiveness (schedule 5).


Now, all substances that are found in the first schedule are associated with the highest possibility of being abused, are not being used in medical procedures and are considered unsafe. Marijuana happens to be in this schedule. In schedule 5, the substances found there seem to be the opposite of schedule 1 substances. They have a very low possibility of being abused, are used in medical procedures, and have a relatively low impact if abused. You’d find products like codeine in this schedule. In recent times, epilepsy medicines that have CBD in them have been added to schedule 5.


But the fact remains that CBD differs from marijuana and with the proven properties of CBD, a lot of persons wonder why CBD is being maligned. Well, according to the DEA, any products which are gotten from cannabis but are not incorporated in what the CSA defines officially as marijuana does not fall under CSA jurisdiction. The CSA sees sterilized seeds, mature stalks, and oils produced from cannabis seeds as marijuana. Therefore, such products that do not fall under the marijuana definition can be distributed with no restrictions whatsoever in the US. It is clear, therefore, that according to the DEA, the sale and distribution of CBD will not in any way violate its guidelines and laws.


Then again, the DEA has pointed out that cannabinoids being present in a substance does not indicate whether such substance falls within CSA jurisdiction. What should really be considered is if there is a relationship or a connection between such a substance and what the CSA defines as Marijuana. This goes to show that cannabinoids being present in a product is not a determinant of whether such products are included in the CSA, but the CSA definition of marijuana should first be considered instead.


CBD Sellers – The Dilemma

Let’s go back to the problem of health claims that are unsubstantiated which CBD vendors seem to have as a big issue for their business. But what exactly is an unsubstantiated health claim? When it comes to credit card processing, an unsubstantiated health claim simply refers to claims made about a product that has not been verified by the FDA. If you manufacture a product and claim that such a product will have a lot of benefits, then, you have made a health claim no matter how simplistic your health claim seems to be. If such a health claim has not been put through the evaluation process of the FDA and eventually verified, then, it will be categorized as a pseudo-pharmaceutical. A pseudo-pharmaceutical is a substance that has not gotten approval as a prescription drug, yet claims to function just like prescription drugs.


With respect to unsubstantiated health claims, there are CBD producers who have suggested that the products from their brand have a significant positive health effect on conditions like insomnia, inflammation, and more. Despite the fact that Cannabidiol has limited scientific support, research has shown over time that CBD could have some significant health benefits.


Getting a Merchant Account for CBD

Today, all CBD products have the tendency to be seen as high risk based on the fact that there is a legal confusion surrounding the production and distribution of CBD. Credit card processors, based on this, find it quite challenging to monitor and ensure that these companies who deal on CBD are compliant with regulations. In recent times, even services like PayPal have put CBD on their blacklist. Although you could succeed at first, your account will get taken down after an internal review by the company shows that you’re a CBD vendor. As a word of practical advice, it would be wiser not to take the risk of trying to create an account with any payment service that totally rules out the sales of CBD.


While you could be able to find a way to get a merchant account for high-risk products, you stand a risk of having your business disapproved by the credit card processor. Even if you end up getting a foreign merchant service provider who agrees to provide a merchant account for your CBD business, you will have to spend far more to maintain your account. A domestic processor is always the best bet for you.



If you are a CBD vendor and are currently in search of a credit card processor that you can truly rely on and trust, then, Centurion Payment Services is here to take care of your CBD product sales. Now you no longer have to get bothered even if you’ve been blocked out by other merchant account processors for retailing CBD products on the internet. Our credit card processing for CBD merchants is arguably the most trusted.


Say goodbye to those days when you had to battle the challenges faced by virtually every CBD merchant who has to go through the rigorous process of trying to find a processor for their payments. Now you can retain and comfortably do business with all your customers who wish to buy your CBD products using their credit cards. Of course, we totally agree that CBD companies ought to be allowed the freedom to access merchant services just like every other business.


At Centurion Payment Services, we are fully aware of the fact that people engaged in the CBD world have a need for seamless processing solutions for CBD payments for their customers. The era where only low-risk business were the only ones who had access to merchant accounts is over as your CBD sales business can now obtain the right credit card processing solution that you’ve always wanted.


Get Started With Centurion Payment Services Immediately

When you acquire a CBD merchant account that is legally recognized and has all the full features, your business will begin to experience growth as you begin to experience firsthand the potential that your business can get from CBD credit payments processing. If you’re reading this, then, it is obvious that you’ve been turned down by a lot of processors and you may have had a bad experience with various providers of merchant services.


Centurion Payment Services has a proven record of helping numerous high-risk businesses to obtain merchant accounts. Even if your business has a processing risk that is high, there is no reason that you should be deprived of getting legit merchant services just like other merchants so that you can do business with online customers easily without any hassles.


Centurion Payment Services prides itself in helping CBD vendors set up their own merchant accounts to give clients a seamless way to purchase CBD products and make payments using their debit cards or their credit cards. Although the CBD industry is regarded as a high-risk business, Centurion Payment Services treats every CBD merchant as if they were low risk. We can get merchant accounts set up with a  domestic bank within 3 days. We use a domestic bank to allow payments to process smoothly and effortlessly for our CBD Clients. We know the struggles to process CBD Credit Card Processing and have been there from day one. With our new domestic solution via our processor, we can process cards effortlessly and affordably for all CBD merchants.


About Our Processor 

When it comes to e-commerce, our processor is a household name that assists all kinds of businesses to be able to take payments in all forms. If you need something simple or something more sophisticated, our processor in partnership with Centurion Payment Services can take care of it. Our processor has been around for over two decades with a customer base of over 1 million clients all over the planet. Here’s why Centurion Payment Services works with our processor –

  • Ranks in the first five payment providers on the globe
  • Yearly transaction processing exceeds 3 billion
  • Custom payment tools
  • Backed by the a domestic bank
  • Very efficient customer support with highly trained personnel.


Get Approved Quicker with Centurion Payment Services

There are a lot of institutions out there that are ignorant of the way the CBD industry really functions. Due to their misconceptions, they usually play deaf ears to the value of CBD or share the sentiments that CBD products should be prohibited from being accessible to people. These misconceptions play a huge role in making some banks and payment processors to avoid doing business with companies or vendors that deal in CBD. However, at Centurion Payment Services, we are not in the habit of labeling your CBD business as a high-risk business. We recognize that there is so much value in your business and that it is legitimate.


We know how much you need to provide seamless payment options for your clients in order to keep them satisfied, especially, since customers may decide to make payments through various methods. Simply partner with Centurion Payment Services today and let us provide you with the best and most transparent credit card processing solution. We will get you a CBD merchant account and ensure that you get an integrated solution for every sales need of yours.


What To Expect From Centurion Payment Services

Centurion Payment Services offer CBD Credit Card Processing with no reserves, no crazy monthly fees, and treats every CBD merchant as if they were low risk. We can get accounts set up with a domestic bank within 3 days. With Centurion, accepting all kinds of credit cards online no longer has to be a problem. Here’s what to expect when you partner with us –


  • A smooth and hassle-free process for every CBD client
  • Immediate payment process for new CBD businesses with no history
  • Super-efficient online sales
  • No reserves, no hidden fees, and very low rates
  • Dedicated support
  • Credit & debit card processing with full features
  • Fully compliant merchant account
  • Get your account funded in record time
  • Integrated processing solution that is US centered
  • Customized solutions designed to suit your business needs
  • Get an approved merchant account within 3 days
  • Suppliers of all volumes of CBD are catered for




We are fully aware of the problems that all CBD vendors face and are committed to providing a credit card processing solution and a merchant account for you. We will not treat your business as high risk and rest assured that ​your products will get the best credit card processing solution.


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