How To Connect Your Merchant Services Account To Salesforce

Being a part of the business world is extremely tough. Several companies or startups are cropping up every day. Due to the innovations and technological advancements, the competition in the business world is increasing day by day. For every business, it has become essential to keep track of sales, transactions, customer data, product data, and a lot more. All this information is stored in a safe place to make it easier for the staff to manage everything within a short period. One such platform is Salesforce. Most of you might be knowing about Salesforce and Merchant accounts. Even if you are not aware of Salesforce or merchant accounts, this informative article will help you in getting to know the key aspects.

What Is Salesforce?

what is salesforce

Salesforce refers to the world’s best and most robust CRM (customer relationship management) platform. It currently has more than a million users. It is a highly efficient CRM platform that will help you in handling various essential business activities. Furthermore, it helps organize and execute activities, such as sales, marketing, providing business services, commerce, along with the IT team. As everything is available on one platform, it becomes easier to handle the customers from this CRM and ensure that they are satisfied with your business or services. In simple words, Salesforce helps to build a strong customer relationship and makes all the business processes very efficient. You might be thinking — everything is listed except the payment. For any business, payments are one of the key aspects which should be given due importance as one of the business processes.

Can Salesforce be connected to the merchant account?

Will Salesforce be able to handle the latest payment processes? Yes, Salesforce can easily connect to your merchant account and that too, just within a few minutes and through some simple steps.

How To Connect The Salesforce To The Merchant Account?

salesforce account

You already know the functioning of the Salesforce account, but what about the Merchant account? Businesses utilize the merchant account to manage the transactions and sales and monitor the revenue generated accurately. The purpose of a merchant account is to make sure that the customer payment processes are secure and handled meticulously.

So when you connect the sophisticated Salesforce account to your merchant account, it would make all the business processes more efficient. The business would be able to manage all the customers and build a stronger customer relationship. It will not only improve the customer response for your business, but also increase customer loyalty.

To connect both platforms, all you have to do is to follow these three basic steps. Before the connection process starts, you must ensure that you have an authentic Salesforce account and a merchant account.

#1 The first step would be to check that both the accounts — Salesforce and merchant account, are active. You must get yourself an Enterprise edition or higher version of the Salesforce account. With the Enterprise version, you would get all the required features.

#2 Once everything is ready, request the merchant account manager to provide you with all the required details/credentials. These credentials will help you in connecting to the gateway.

#3 The credential that you use for your merchant account would generate a link. This link will help you to connect the payment gateway to your Salesforce account. You can connect multiple payment gateways to your Salesforce account.

These simple steps will help you establish a connection between the Salesforce account and merchant account quickly and effectively.


Businesses in the digital era have to constantly strive to attract the right customer. Provide them the right services, and ensure that their requirements are fulfilled. Making payments flexible and convenient for the customers is one of the best ways to gain the trust of your customers. It is possible with the merchant accounts, as you can provide a wide range of payment options to the customer. When these merchant accounts are linked to the highly sophisticated CRM platform Salesforce, it will enhance the business processes and make it more efficient.

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